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 With experience and strength in a constantly evolving segment, Interfloor has a strong point in the exclusivity guaranteed by product research for a market that demands intelligent and bold solutions.

 Interfloor's challenge is to innovate and go beyond the limits of imagination. For this purpose, it has lines of floors, coverings, decorative synthetic grasses and draining floors to serve professionals in the field of architecture, decoration and landscaping, in addition to the most demanding end customers, making everything from small dreams to big projects come true!


 With the right material and creativity as an ally, a simple space can become extremely inspiring. And Interfloor is the one that brings you more inspiration and practicality, making your environments livelier and more elegant.


Interfloor products are made using high-tech machinery. When you buy with Interfloor you have the guarantee that you are really buying the best on the market. This reflects both in the appearance and durability of our products.


Explore the infinite possibilities with Interfloor coverings.



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